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Education Serves as the key which will unlock numerous doors that will lead to success. This will in turn, help you build a better life for yourself.

             Our teachers in SMKC are highly dedicated well-trained professionals. As a team, we constantly seek better ways to teach young minds. We develop and personalize the curriculum, so that it is relevant, engaging and challenging for each student. We extend areas of strength, support areas of weakness and attend to the emotional, social and physical wellbeing of every learner.

             At SMKC you will find a place to grow, a place to connect and a place to belong. We aim to instill in every student a sense of confidence, a yearning for knowledge and a love of learning.

            College life is the most important part of every student and a treasure house of memories. When opportunity knocks your door utilize them to the fullest and develop your talents. The skills and knowledge that you gain at our college will positively transform your life in the distinguished manner. It will definitely give your career opportunities that will enhance your quality of life.

The following seven strategies will make you a perfect human being in your life. Be innovative, Be original, Be dedicated, Work for your dream, Stay strong when you face problems, Have empathy on others, Practice time management.

Welcome to SMKC!!!!!  Welcome Home!!!!!