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Students attended one day International Seminar

                 On 16th September (Friday) 2022 Department of Commerce (Corporate Secretaryship) have attended the one day International Seminar on “Sustainable Economic Stability: Impact of the Blooming FINTECH” organized by the department of Corporate Secretaryship in AGURCHAND MANMULL JAIN COLLEGE. The students also actively participated and gained knowledge in FINTECH Sector.

The following students have attended the one day International Seminar

1.      M. Ruban Masel           - I  B.COM (CS)

2.      R. Dhanasekar              - I  B.COM (CS)

3.      B. Narendra Surya      - I  B.COM (CS)

4.      K. Saiful Islam          - III B.COM (CS)

5.      K. Narayanan            - III B.COM (CS)