1. Asst. Prof. Wanted for Academic Year 2019 - 2020 - Computer Science - 2, Physics - 1, English - 1, Maths - 1, Commerce (G) - 3, Commerce (A/F) - 1, Criminology & Police Administration - 1, Commerce (Marketing Management)   2.M.O.U SIGNED ON 31/05/2018 WITH MAHENDRA PRIDE SCHOOL TO TRAIN OUR STUDENTS FOR EMPLOYMENT. 3. OUR STUDENT G.Ashwini (I BCA) received a certificate from President of India.


Young people are at the best heart of everything we do.  Our college football players participated in the National slum soccer football tournament on 11th February, Monday.  We played the first match against Haryana and won the match.  The second match was against Bihar and even we won them.  The third match we played against Goa and we lost it.  The fourth and fifth match we played against Meghalaya and Assam, Our college students tried a lot, but we lost the Match.  The sixth match we played against Uttarakhand  and we were very close to win the game but we missed it.  The last match we played against Gujarat.  Despite the loss, our students did not give up and we faced the VIII game with Optimism and score the victory goal.  So we finally left Mumbai with the Satisfaction that comes after a unique experience as a team and we also get seventh place in slum soccer food ball tournament.  The students participated in the football tournaments are:

1.      E. Gokul                                 -           I B.Sc

2.      H.Gunaseelan                        -           I B.Sc

3.      R. Aravind                             -           III B.Com(CA)

4.      P.R.Manikandan                   -           II B.Com(A&F)

5.      R. Manikandam                    -           I B.B.A

6.      Rahul                                      -           I B.B.A

7.      Karthikeyan                          -           II B.Com(BM)

8.      V. Sathish Kumar                 -           II B.Com(CS)

Special thanks to the students that Participated in the tournament and to those that came along to support the team.

We I would personally thank Our Chairman, Secretary  and Principal for the untiring support they head given.