1. ADMISSIONS OPEN FOR UG,PG COURSES FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2018-2019  1. B.Com(ISM) - 70 Seats. 2. B.Sc(Software Application) - 70 Seats. 3. B.B.A (Additional section) - 70 Seats.  2.M.O.U SIGNED ON 31/05/2018 WITH MAHENDRA PRIDE SCHOOL TO TRAIN OUR STUDENTS FOR EMPLOYMENT. 3. OUR STUDENT G.Ashwini (I BCA) received a certificate from President of India.


Consumer Rights

The Inauguration of Awareness Programme on Consumer Rights was held on Monday, September 24-09-2018 in the Auditorium of SMKC. Resource Person Dr.D.Vijayalakshmi Dept. of Economics, Queen Mary’s college an experienced educator who has been involved in several programme of consumer club, who spoke about 8 rights’ of Consumer Law.

Valedictory Function on P.G Department of Commerce 5 days Workshop on Bakery Food products

The commerce department organized a 5 days’ workshop on skill development and training programme on bakery food products (31.08. 2018). The Welcome Address was given by S.Revathi Asst. professor PG Department of commerce for the valedictory session of the workshop. The Special was Address given by the principal Dr.V. SELVANATHAN share valuable thoughts and a live example he has quoted to become an Entrepreneur feedback of our students was shared at the end of the workshop. Lastly Mrs.Rubini Asst. professor PG Department of commerce gave the vote of thanks and the function comes to an end with National Anthem.


The Commerce Department organised a 5 days’ workshop of Skill Development Training Programme on Bakery Products on 27/08/2018. The welcome address given by Dr.Rajapriya HOD, PG, Department of Commerce. Mr.R.Vivekanandan, Chairman of the college felicitated Mr.M.S.Khanna Chief guest of the workshop. Secretary Madam Mrs.V.Arulmozhi presented a memento to the chief guest. Dr.V.SELVANATHAN, Principal of the college gave the presidential address. He gave the vital points of how one could become an Entrepreneur. Special address was given by our Secretary. She has insisted the students how students should make use of the academic programs. Mr.M.S.Khanna, Khadhi & Village Board Commission gave the keynote address. He has explained 5 days workshop schedule and the importance of the workshop. Lastly Mrs.Banupriya gave the vote of thanks and the function came to an end with National Anthem.

convocation Day

Sree Muthukumaraswamy College 17th Annual Convocation was held on Saturday, 11th August 2018. The venue was its very own permanent campus of SMKC.

The chief guest for the convocation was DR.S.S.SUNDARAM, UNIVERSITY OF MADRAS, Prof  & Head of the Department of history, chair person, school of historical studies and member of syndicate. Also in attendance were other dignitaries from the academic world, our college Chairman, Secretary, Principal, Board of Members and the various Heads of the Departments. 

This year a total of 242 graduates received their degrees. The convocation began with a majestic and grand academic procession followed by the national song. The Convocation ceremony was declared by our honorable Chairman.

 The Principal in his report touched upon the origin of the college, infrastructure development and achievements of the long cherished dream of the SMKC. He also touched upon all the other salient developments including publications, awards, student activities and placement etc.

The student and the audience were then enthralled by the rousing speech of the chief guest Dr.S.Sundaram. The graduates were awarded their certificates by our chief guest. Our principal led all the graduates reading the academic pledge in English.

The convocation ended with a closing ceremony by the chairman. The ceremony closed with the trumpets singing the national anthem and all the graduates went back home with flying colours.


1. Introduction To Android

2. Android Architecture Overview

3.  Setup Of Android Development Environ-ment

4. User Interface

5. Main Building Block

6. Android Media API

7. Working on Splash Screen

8. Creating app with Splash Screen

9. Uploading Your App on Playstore

10. Generating signed .apk file

11. Steps to upload on Playstore


Our student honoured by President of India

160th convocation of University of Madras was held on 05/05/2018. Our college student G.Ashwini BCA I year received a certifcate from the President of India Honorable Shri Ram Nath Kovind in the 160th convocation function. Other dignataries present in the function were TamilNadu Governor Shri Banwarilal Purohit, Honorable Deputy Chief Minister Shri. O.Paneerselvam and Honorable Education  Minister Shri K.P.Anbalagan. Management, Principal, Teachers and Students congratulate the achievement of our student G.Ashwini

Tamil Literary Association


The Literary Associations aim at creating a love for the language and a passion to acquire higher order skills such as creative communication through the media of prose, poetry, drama etc.Young Leaves English Literary Association programme was conducted in the Auditorium of our college on 19th  September 2018.  The programme commenced with the lighting of the Ceremonial lamp by the Hon’ble Chief Guest Mrs.V.Kavitha, escorted by the other dignitaries and the Principal.

The Principal, Dr.V.Selvanathan welcomed the guests and introduced the Hon’ble Chief Guest to the gathering. The Principal, in his inaugural address, talked on the importance of the English language in communication today, and emphasized the importance of English for better employability.

The chief guest for the day was Mrs.V.Kavitha from Sir Theagaraya College, Old washermenpet, Chennai.She delivered an enlightening speech on the topic “Approaches to a Foreign Language-especially English. She noted that, "Our mother tongue is not English but what happens eventually is that, we try to learn English to communicate with people. Neither are we confident in our mother tongue, nor in our target language - English." She said it was amazing to see the extraordinary demand among students, to join a course in BA/MA English Literature over the past few years. The programme ended with national anthem.

இளந்தளிர் தமிழ் இலக்கிய மன்றம் துவக்க விழா

2017 – 2018

ஸ்ரீ முத்துக்குமாரசுவாமி கல்லூரியின் தமிழ்த்துறை சார்பில், இளந்தளிர் தமிழ் இலக்கிய மன்றம்' தனது முதலாம் ஆண்டு துவக்க விழாவினை 05.02.2018 அன்று இனிதாய் துவங்கியது. இவ்விழாவில் கல்லூரி நிர்வாகக்குழு தலைவர் திரு.ரா.விவேகானந்தன், செயலர் திருமதி. வி.அருள்மொழி முதல்வர் முனைவர் வி.செல்வநாதன் சிறப்பு விருந்தினர் முனைவர் திரு.யாழினி முனுசாமி ஆகியோர் குத்துவிளக்கு ஏற்றி விழாவினை துவக்கி வைத்தனர். தமிழ்த்துறை தலைவர். திருமதி இரா. கல்பனா தேவி அவர்கள் விழாவிற்கு வந்துள்ள அனைவரையும் வரவேற்று வரவேற்புரை நல்கினார். கல்லூரி முதல்வர் திரு.வி.செல்வநாதன் அவர்கள், தலைமை உரை வழங்கினார். அவர் தனது தலைமையுரையில், மாணவர்கள் இக்கால சூழலில் தமிழ் மொழியின் மீதும், தனது கல்வியின் மீதும், உள்ள கற்றல் குறைபாடுகளைக் களைய வேண்டும் என்பதை தனது அழகான கவிதை வரிகளில் வெளிப்படுத்தினார்.

கல்லூரி  நிர்வாகக்குழு செயலர் திருமதி. வி.அருள்மொழி அவர்கள், மாணவர்களுக்கு கல்வியின் முக்கியத்துவத்தைப்பற்றி எடுத்துக்கூறி சிறப்புரையாற்றினார்.


அதன்பின் சிறப்பு விருந்தினர், முனைவர்.திரு.யாழினி முனுசாமி அவர்கள் முக்கிய சிறப்புரை வழங்கினார். தமிழின் தொன்மை குறித்தும், தமிழ் மொழி எவராலும், எந்நாட்டவராலும் அழிக்க முடியாத சக்தி வாய்ந்த மொழி என்றும் கூறினார். இலக்கியம் என்பது,

 இலக்கு + இயம் = குறிக்கோள். குறிக்கோளினை அடைவதே இலக்கியம் எனப் பொருள்கூறி தமிழ் இலக்கியமும் அதன் பழமையான பயன்பாடுகள் குறித்தும் சிறப்புரையில் கூறினார். நம்முடைய பண்பாட்டினை இன்றைய இளைஞர் சமுதாயத்தினரே மீட்டெடுத்து பின்பற்றிட வேண்டும் என்று அறிவுறுத்தினார்.

இறுதியாக தமிழ் துறை உதவிப்பேராசிரியர் திரு.பா.லட்சுமணன் அவர்கள் நன்றி நவிலல் கூறினார். இந்நிகழ்ச்சியின் முடிவில்  நாட்டுப்பண் இசையுடன் இளந்தளிர் தமிழ் இலக்கிய மன்ற துவக்க விழா  நிறைவுற்றது.

இந்நிகழ்ச்சி சிறந்த வெற்றிகரமான நிகழ்ச்சியாக நடந்தேறியது. கல்லூரியின் வரலாற்றுச்சான்றுக்கு ஒரு நல் உதாரணமாக அமையும் என்பதில் எள்ளளவும் ஐயமில்லை.




A library plays a very important role in promoting the progress of knowledge.In dictionaries the word “library” has been defined as “a building or room containing a collection of books”A library renders a great service to the society.


In our college we celebrated our second year of “VASAGAR VATTAM” on 19th September 2018. .  The programme commenced with the lighting of the Ceremonial lamp by the Hon’ble Chief Guest Dr.K.Rajkumar, escorted by the other dignitaries and the Principal


The Principal, Dr.V.Selvanathan welcomed the guests and introduced the Hon’ble Chief Guest to the gathering. The Principal, in his inaugural address, talked on the importance of Library.

The chief guest for the day was Dr.K.Rajkumar from Ambedkar college, Chennai. He noted that the library provides an environment for discovery, reflection, and expansion of knowledge. He said in addition, the library often serves as a physical core to campus. The academic community and its needs determine the library’s utilization of space and allocation of resources. The programme ended with the national anthem.


கல்லூரி  நூலகம்

வாசகர் வட்ட துவக்க விழா

              05.02.2018 கல்லூரி நூலகத்தின் வாசகர் வட்ட துவக்க விழா நடைபெற்றது. துவக்க விழாவின் வரவேற்புரையை தமிழ் துறை பேராசிரியர் திரு.பா.லட்சுமணன் அவர்கள் நல்கினார். அதை தொடர்ந்து கல்லூரி முதல்வர் முனைவர் வி.செல்வநாதன்  அவர்கள் தலைமை உரையாற்றினார். தலைமை உரையில் நூலகத்தின் இன்றைய வளர்ச்சி நிலைகள் பற்றி கூறினார். அடுத்து ல்லூரி நிர்வாகக்குழு  செயலாளர் திருமதி.வி.அருள்மொழி அவர்கள் சிறப்புரை ஆற்றினார்கள். சிறப்புரையில் கல்லூரி நூலகத்தின் அவசியம் பற்றி எடுத்துரைத்தார்கள். அதன் பின் சிறப்பு விருந்தினர் முனைவர்

.ரா.கோதண்டராமன் முக்கிய சிறப்புரையை வழங்கினார். நூலகம் மாணவர்களுக்கு பயன்படும் விதம், ஆராய்ச்சி மாணவர்களுக்கு நூலகத்தின் பயன்பாடு, தொடர்ச்சியாக நூலகத்திற்கு வருகை புரியும் மாணவர்களுக்கு ஆண்டு இறுதியில் பரிசு வழங்குதல் குறித்து முனைவர்  .ரா கோதண்டராமன்  உரையாற்றினார்

நிகழ்ச்சியின் இறுதியாக  ஆங்கிலத்துறை தலைவர் திருமதி. செ.கஸ்தூரி நன்றி நவிலல் கூறினார். .  நிகழ்ச்சியின்  முடிவாக  நாட்டுப்பண் இசையுடன் நூலக வாசகர் வட்ட துவக்க விழா  நிறைவுற்றது. இந்நிகழ்ச்சி சிறந்த வெற்றிகரமான நிகழ்ச்சியாக ல்லூரியில் நடந்தேறியது கல்லூரியின் வரலாற்று சான்றுக்கு  இது  ஒரு உதாரணம்.

Mathematical Colloquium

Mathematical Colloquium

The Inauguration of Mathematics Colloquium was held on wednesday, January 31,2018 in the computer lab of SMKC.

56 students from SMKC and 16 students from other colleges of Chennai attended the seminar.

The programme was started at 10.30 lamp lighting and followed by a prayer.

Welcome address was given by H.O.D. Department of Mathematics.

A tribute to Ramanujan a great Mathematician was made by Mrs.N.Kanmani Asst.professor Dept.of Maths.

Presidential address was delivered by our Principal,special address was given by our college Secretary.

Resource Person Mr.J.Maria Roy Felix Asst.Professor,Dept. of Maths,Loyola College, an experienced educator who has been involved in several research programs in maths has explained and demonstrated the new approach of learning maths.He has removed the fear of old thinking that maths is complicated and difficult subject.

Finally, the valedictory function was conducted.Students feedback was provided by few students, certificates were distributed to all the participants.

Vote of thanks was given by Mrs.D.Sasikala Dept. of Maths.

Colloquium was ended by 3.00 P.M with a great success.

EDP Programme

The commerce department organised an entrepreneurial development training programme for girls on 25.01.2018.  The training officer Mrs.D.Karpagam provided training to our girls on :

1.       Fabric Painting

2.       Jewellery making

The students learned skills on the above and they are able to produce the simple products at their homes.  The programme was a successful one in empowering our girls.



The Department of Commerce  (General and Computer Application) ,Jointly conducted a Inter Collegiate orientation programme on 20-1-2018. The Inauguration function was held in the Department by 10am.Welcome address was given by Mrs .Geethalakshmi, Principal Dr.V.Selvanathan gave the presidential address, key note address was given by our chief guest Dr.Muthuswamy and Mr.Khanna .

    They gave PowerPoint presentation on how to start a small business and preparation of project report and raising of funds. All the information’s given by them were highly valuable to our students. Vote of thanks was given by Mrs. Revathi, Dept. of Commerce . The first event orientation programme for our students was conducted successfully.

State Level Symposium on Strategic Leadership

        Commerce department (General) & Commerce department(CA) jointly conducted a state level symposium on 19.1.2018 . The Inauguration function was held in the department by 10.30 a.m. The welcome address was given by Dr. G. Rajapriya , H.O.D, Department of Commerce. Presidential address was given by our college principal Dr.V. Selvanathan. Chief guest address was given by our secretary Mrs. V. Arulmozhi. Keynote address was given by Dr. T. Jayasheela. She spoke on the importance of leadership, leadership styles and the qualities of good leader. She gave lot of practical examples which were highly useful to our students. Certificates were distributed by the chief guest before the end of the symposium. Vote of thanks was given by Mrs. D. Bhavani ,H.O.D(B.Com C.A). The symposium was successfully completed and it is one of the important milestones of commerce department.


Final year BCA has thrown up an eye-popping all students with a perfect 100% score in 5th semester in all the subjects.

INTER-COLLEGIATE COMPETITION “Pinnacle Potentia” Fest 2k18

           The Inter collegiate Competition Pinnacle Potentia fest 2k18 was conducted in our college on 11th Jan, 2018. 20 colleges from different parts of Chennai were participated and around 120 students compete in various competitions. The Registration was commenced by 8.00 am to 10.00 am. 9 events ADZAP, Mimic, Fruit Art, Model Making, Graffiti, Cook without Fire, Wealth from Waste, Business Quiz, Talent Expo on speech, were conducted and the events poised elegantly from 10.00 am to 5.30 pm.


          All the participants showed their enthusiasm and participated with courage. Before the commencement of all programmes Inauguration Ceremony was conducted and the welcome speech given by Dr.G.Rajapriya.


          The Presidential Address was given by our Principal  Dr.V.Selvanathan  who narrated the importance of inter collegiate competition and also the need for our students to show their potentiality in different platforms. Special Address was given by our Secretary Madam Mrs.V.Arulmozhi, and she is specified the power of youth and the requirements of good citizens to lead the country. Special keynote  Address was given by Dr.S.Mangayarkarasi Principal, R.B Gothi Jain College who was inaugurated the ceremony and gave an enthusiastic speech, she has stressed apart from class room efforts these types of competitions would enhance the quality of our student. Finally the vote of thanks given by the Mrs.Selvi Asst. Professor Dept. of Commerce SMKC Chennai.


          In the evening  closing ceremony was conducted by 5.00 pm on the same date. Welcome address was given by Mrs.Ananadhy Asst. Prof.Dept. of Maths SMKC Chennai. He appreciated all the participants for their active participants for the “Pinnacle Potentia”.


          The Chief Guest address given by Dr.Govindhasamy Head Master Govt.Hr.sec.School Chennai-39 He has narrated the great efforts of various people and also stated number of stories to make our students to realize the importance of college life. The price distribution ceremony was held by 5 pm and the prizes were distributed for all the prize winners for the competition. At the end of ceremony vote of thanks was given by Mrs.Sarala Asst.Prof.Dept.of Management SMKC Chennai. Finally the function ended with the National Anthem.



A Report on Two-days Hands on workshop on “JAVA SPRING FRAMEWORK”


Two-days Hands on workshop on “JAVA SPRING FRAMEWORK” was organized by Computer Science Department along with Computer Application department on 5th and 6th January 2018 for B.SC (CS) & BCA & M.SC Final Year Students. Around 60 students attended the workshop. Out of which 40 from the host college & remaining 20 from various other college.

On Day 1 (5th January, 2018)

The workshop opened with an Inauguration around 9:30 am in Computer Science Lab .The welcome address was given by Mrs.P.Archana Devi, H.O.D, Department of Computer Science. Presidential address was given by our college Principal Dr.V. Selvanathan. Special address was given by our Secretary Mrs. V. Arulmozhi. The Keynote address was given by Mr.Ranjith Sekar-Virtusa India Pvt Ltd. He discoursed about the introduction of Java Spring and showcased how developers can improve and accelerate the application with  innovation, development and deployment in the IT industry. The inauguration function ended with Vote of thanks by Mrs.S.Suganthi, H.O.D. department of Computer Application.

 The Workshop started with the basics of java, the session continued till 01:00pm with demonstration of Java Spring Framework development. After the lunch break, at 2:00pm all the students were reassembled in the workshop Lab to join the practical session. Lab session continued till 4.00pm.

On Day 2 (6th January, 2018)

The 2-nd day of the workshop was scheduled from 9.00am to 5:00pm with live demonstration and lab sessions. The workshop provided practical exposure to the students in Java API development by designing & developing Applications using User interface components & Data Base Connectivity. Mr.Ranjith Sekar has given good source of knowledge to students, and students took this opportunity as challenge. Around 60 students from B.SC & BCA &M.Sc. departments   attended the workshop and acquired good amount of knowledge in Java Spring Framework development.

Certificate Distribution Ceremony: At the end of the day, certificates were distributed to Participants by Chairman and Secretary.

The following students gave the Workshop Stance,

1.    Mr.Lakshman , Sree MuthuKumaraswamy College.

2.    Mr.Mansoor, Sree MuthuKumaraswamy College.

3.    Mr.Karthikeyan, Thiruthangal Nadar College.

Workshop Stance was given by Mrs.T.Marikani ,Asst Prof , Dept. of Computer Science

 Vote of Thanks

 Mrs.T.Merlin Jaba ,Asst Prof, proposed the Vote of Thanks to the resource person and also the participants for the informative workshop for Students.