1.Admissions Open for 2019-2020. Applications are available through online (or) in the College office from 9.00a.m to 5.00p.m for regular courses

2.We are glad to inform you that our college has been approved to serve as Learner Support Centre under University of Madras . Admissions open for Distance Education for the academic year 2019-2020 for all the UG & PG courses.Contact co-ordinator Dr. G.Rajapriya.(9080208262)

3.New courses of the Academic 2019 - 2020(B.A - Criminology & Police Administration - 70, B.Com(Marketing Management-70), M.Sc(Computer Science-40))  3. OUR STUDENT G.Ashwini (I BCA) received a certificate from President of India.



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Young people are at the best heart of everything we do.  Our college football players participated in the National slum soccer football tournament on 11th February, Monday.  We played the first match against Haryana and won the match.  The second match was against Bihar and even we won them.  The third match we played against Goa and we lost it.  The fourth and fifth match we played against Meghalaya and Assam, Our college students tried a lot, but we lost the Match.  The sixth match we played against Uttarakhand  and we were very close to win the game but we missed it.  The last match we played against Gujarat.  Despite the loss, our students did not give up and we faced the VIII game with Optimism and score the victory goal.  So we finally left Mumbai with the Satisfaction that comes after a unique experience as a team and we also get seventh place in slum soccer food ball tournament.  The students participated in the football tournaments are:

1.      E. Gokul                                 -           I B.Sc

2.      H.Gunaseelan                        -           I B.Sc

3.      R. Aravind                             -           III B.Com(CA)

4.      P.R.Manikandan                   -           II B.Com(A&F)

5.      R. Manikandam                    -           I B.B.A

6.      Rahul                                      -           I B.B.A

7.      Karthikeyan                          -           II B.Com(BM)

8.      V. Sathish Kumar                 -           II B.Com(CS)

Special thanks to the students that Participated in the tournament and to those that came along to support the team.

We I would personally thank Our Chairman, Secretary  and Principal for the untiring support they head given.




The annual 22nd Sports Day of our college was held on 1st February 2019 showcasing the talents of athletes. On that day, the atmosphere of the college took a festive look. The programme begins with the welcome ceremony of the chief guests, Mr.Uma Shankar-Chief Judo Coach Indian Team, our honorable chairman, and secretary.  Our college principal Dr.V.Selvanathan welcomed the esteemed gathering emphasized on the importance of sports in student’s life. The day started off with the lovely rendition to the lord. Even the day was grandly inaugurated by releasing balloons and pigeon.

The Chief guest Mr.Umasankar, our Chairman, Secretary and Principal also took the salute of the impressive March past of the students from various departments.

The torch and Olympic flame are two of the greatest symbols of Olympics. Our college athletic champions B.V.Srinivasan, Manivannan, Neslen, Hema, Shobana and Sowrinathan carried the olympic torch majestically. The students entered into the spirit of the occasion in a grand way with the oath Being administered by Keerthana       (III B.B.A).

Then the much awaited track and field events started. Many new records were made in 1500 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters and 4*400meters relay.  S.Manivannan and D.Hema declared the best athlete of the meet. The medals to winners were given away by the chief guest. The merit and participation certificate were given away by our chairman and secretary.

Fun time with staff Walking Race, Musical Chair, Four Corners and Shuttle added to the enjoyment. The best March Past trophy and the overall departmental games trophy for boys was awarded to the B.Com (CA) and (AF) department.

The overall departmental games trophy for girls was awarded to B.Com (General) and (CS).

In March past the second place was given to B.Sc, B.C.A and B.Sc(SA).

In March past third place goes to B.Com (G) and B.B.A department.

The athletic individual championship for Boys was given to S.Manivannan from III B.C.A.

The athletic individual championship for Girls was awarded to D.Hema from II B.Sc.

In cultural programmes the first place for girls was declared to B.Com (G) and (CS) department.

The first Place for boys was declared to B.B.A, B.Com (BM) and B.Com(ISM) department.

In cultural second place was shared by B.Com (CA)& (AF) department with  B.SC, B.C.A and (SA) department.


At the end of the day, students departed with a clear smile on their faces. It was a day filled with sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and memories to cherish. Our Principal Dr.V Selvanathan of this esteemed institution thanked all the teachers for their Co-operation and support and advised students to keep up their Sportsmanship.