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Assistant Professors needed for the following Departments

Assistant Professors needed for the following Departments:

Tamil -1, English-1,B.Com(CS) -1,B.Com(MM)-1,Management-2, Computer Science-3,


Qualification: Candidates with NET/SET/Phd is preferable

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Interview will be held through video call.

Admissions open for the Academic year 2020-2021

Admissions open for the Academic year 2020-2021 for the following UG and PG courses.

B.Com(General),B.Com(Corporate Secretaryship),B.Com(A&F),B.Com(Computer Application),B.Com(Bank Management),B.Com(ISM),B.Com(Marketing Management),B.A(Criminology & Police Administration), BBA,B.SC(CS),BCA,B.SC(Software Application) ,M.COM, M.Sc(CS). +2 students of the batch 2018-2019 can apply now.+2 students of the batch 2019-2020 can apply after the result published. Diploma students can take their Lateral entry admission BCA.

Online Fees Payment Details

Students who wish to pay their  tuition fees can pay through offline or online:


A/C NO: 6755450129




Photo copy of the payment receipt, transaction details  along with Student Name and  Class should be submitted to their respective Class Tutors or to their HOD’s.


  1. Business Economics -part 1
  2. Programming in c++ using Data Structure -Part 3
  3. Programming in c++ using data structure -Part 1
  4. Programming in c++ using Data Structure part 2

  5. Computer Architecture and Organization
  6. Operating System
  7. Indian Economy -Part 2
  8. International Trade
  9. Bhakthi Illakiyam
  10. Income Tax -Part 2
  11. Database Management System
  12. Biography on Madam Curie
  13. Statistics -Part 1
  14. Managerial Economics -Part 1
  15. Resource Management Technique
  16. Operating System
  17. Operation Management-Part 1

  18. Indian Economy
  19. Indian Economy-Part 3
  20. Manikavasagar Thirupalliezhuchi
  21. Cost Accounting -Part 1
  22. Statistics -Part2
  23. International Banking
  24. karaikal ammaiyar thiruvandhadhi - pdf
  25. மாணிக்கவாசகர் - திருப்பள்ளியெழுச்சி (பக்தி இலக்கிெம்) -pdf
  26. Operation Management -Part2
  27. Computer Architecture and Organisation -Part 2
  28. Computer Architecture and Organisation - Part 3
  29. Computer Architecture and Organisation - Part 4
  30. Computer Architecture and Organisation -Part 5
  31. Income Tax- Part1
  32. Statistics -Part 3
  33. Income Tax - Part 3
  34. karaikal ammaiyar thiruvandhadhi - Part 2
  35. Business Statistics -pdf 
  36. Resource Management Technique - pdf
  37. Thirunavukarasar Devaram
  38. Commercial Law or Business Law
  39. Indian Economy - Part 4
  40. Software Engineering -Part 1
  41. Cost Accounting -Part 2
  42. Cost Accounting -Part 3
  43. Statistics -Part 5
  44. Leave This Chanting -Poem Written by Rabindranath Tagore
  45. Sundara Devaram
  46. Resource Management Technique- LPP
  47. International Trade -Pdf
  48. Indian Economy- pdf
  49. Statistics - Part 4 Classification and Tabulation
  50. Income Tax - Part 4
  51. Advertising Management and Sales Promotion
  52. Entrepreneur Development
  53. Managerial Economics -Part 2
  54. Material Management
  55. Organisational Behavior
  56. Practical Auditing
  57. Problem Using Python
  58. Programming in C++
  59. Visual Programming
  60. சுந்தரர் ததவாரம்—நூல் குறிப்பு:
  61. சுந்தரர் —ஆசிரியர் குறிப்பு
  62. பாடல் எண் : 01 பித்தா பிறைசூடீ பபருமானே அருளாளா
  63. A Different History - Prose
  64. A Dress in Communication
  65. International Trade Part 3
  66. Statistics Part 6
  67. Statistics - Part 7
  68. Corporate Accounting - Part 1
  69. Portfolio Management - Part 1
  70. Managerial Economics - Part 3
  71. Operating System
  72. Financial Management
  73. சுந்தர தேவார பதிகம்
  74. திருஞானசம்பந்தர் தேவாரம் —திருத்தில்லை பதிகம்
  75. Biography of Madam Curie- Part 2
  76. Biography of Madam Curie-Part 3
  77. Business Law/Commercial Law- Part 2
  78. Visual Programming - Part 2
  79. Programming in C++ -Part 2
  80. திருஞானசம்பந்தர்--- திருத்தில்லைப்பதிகம் - pdf
  81. C++ expressions -Part5
  82. C++ Part 4 OOPS concept
  83. Research Methodology
  84. C++ looping statements- Part 6
  85. Digging - Seamus Haeney
  86. Poem - The Justice of Peace
  87. Resource Management Technique -Unit 2 -pdf
  88. Business Mathematics and Statistics Notes for Bsc,BCA,Bcom
  89. Buisness Mathematics and Statistics notes for BCA-pdf
  90. Methods of finding initial Basic Feasible Solutions - Solved Example Problems _ Transportation Problem _ Operations Research -pdf

Pongal 2020

Pongal fest 2020 to be held on 08/01/2020

Pinacle Potentia2020

Intercollegiate competition to be held on 09/01/2020

skill development


The PG Department of commerce organized five days workshop on Homemade Chocolates and Food Processing of Vegetables and Fruits on 19/08/2019.

The programme was commenced with lamp lightening ceremony by the chief guests and by the management members. The welcome address was given by Dr.G.RAJAPRIYA, Head, PG Department of Commerce and the programme was continued with the felicitation of the chief guests and resource persons, Mr.T.V.ANBUCHELIAN, VIJAYAKUMAR and Principal Dr.V.SELVANATHAN.

Dr.V.SELVANATHAN, Principal of the college gave the presidential address. He gave the valuable points in order to get the seed capital and venture capital to start the business. Mr.ANBUCHELIAN Principal/ Assistant Director gave the keynote address. He has given many live examples of the existing entrepreneurs and how they become an entrepreneur through Khadi & Village Industries Commission. Mr.K.A.VASU board member has given the special address and insisted the students to develop their skills through this programme and to become an entrepreneur. Finally, Mrs.R.BANUPRIYA gave the vote of thanks and the function came to end with the National Anthem.

Drug Awareness


Sree Muthukumaraswamy College organized an awareness programme on prevention of drug abuse and tobacco awareness on 14th august 2019 at 10.30am. The volunteers of national services scheme, youth Red Cross, red ribbon club of 250 where participation before the rally started Dr.V.Selvanathan principal has given the welcome speech the rally was flagged off by Mr.C.Rajendiran board member. The volunteers carried placards and shouted slogans the rally covers 6 streets of Muthamizh Nagar, Bharathi Nagar and return to the campus the programme was organized by  Mr.J.Karthikeyan NSS Coordinator, Mrs.S.Revathi YRC coordinator and Mrs.B.Nithya Priya RRC coordinator. The organizer guides the volunteers and achieves grate success for the programme.

                On the whole the student created awareness as drug abuse slogan should  avoid drugs save your life would definitely reached a section society student had a difference experience and they have contributed for the welfare of the society,

Helmet Awarness



On Friday August 16, 2019 Sree Muthukumaraswamy College conducted “HELMET AWARENESS CAMPAIGN" which was organized by NSS Co – ordinator Mr. KARTHIKEYAN, YRC Co- ordinator Mrs. S.REVATHI, RRC Co –ordinator B.NITHYA PRIYA with their Volunteers.

Principal Dr.V.Selvanathan gave the Welcome speech.


Mr. PARANTHAMAN (Inspector  - Traffic  North Chennai) has handled the young students mind, has given lot of information on Road Safety and the importance of Helmet.


The Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr. SOUNDAR RAJAN shared his experience to the student about the career devolpement and safety measures of life.

Finally, the programme was concluded with a vote of thanks given by Mrs.S.Revathi YRC Co ordinator.



The PG Department of commerce organized five days workshop on Homemade Chocolates and Food Processing of Vegetables and Fruits on 19/08/2019.