1. Asst. Prof. Wanted for Academic Year 2019 - 2020 - Computer Science - 2, Physics - 1, English - 1, Maths - 1, Commerce (G) - 3, Commerce (A/F) - 1, Criminology & Police Administration - 1, Commerce (Marketing Management)   2.M.O.U SIGNED ON 31/05/2018 WITH MAHENDRA PRIDE SCHOOL TO TRAIN OUR STUDENTS FOR EMPLOYMENT. 3. OUR STUDENT G.Ashwini (I BCA) received a certificate from President of India.

computer lab

Facilities of Computer Science Lab

The Computer Science Lab is well equipped with 118 computers with the latest configuration with LAN connection, printers and scanner and four Projectors to help the students to develop their programming skills. It also has a stand alone system with the internet connection.

Hardware Lab

The department has a well furnished Hardware Lab with more than 30 - 8085-Microprocessor kits, 25 digital logic trainer kits, etc to train and provide the students an insight about the internal working of a processor and the various logic components.

The Department also provides opportunities for overall development of its students by conducting various academic competitions.